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Click to see URU BabelBot in Action!

URU BabelBot is a prototype application designed to bring new levels of accessibility to URU Live.

Make sure you read this page because the in-program help documentation is not yet complete!


Current build:
Build date: 08/24/11 17:23 EDT

Supported Languages: English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norweigian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish & Swedish


A lot of work went into this program. If you find this program valuable, please donate what you think it's worth. Thanks!

Getting Started

Step 1: Download URU BabelBot

Download link: URUBabelBotDownloader.exe (32KB)
Download and run!

URU BabelBot works on Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

If the Downloader doesn't work, download this ZIP file (32-bit) or this ZIP file (64-bit), extract both files and run setup.exe.

Step 2: Before you Begin

Before you run URU BabelBot, make sure that URU is running, that you are logged-in, and that the client is running in a window.
URU BabelBot will not work in full-screen mode. If you have a Start Chat key mapped in the client, you will need to go set it in Options > More Options.

Step 3: Start BabelBot

Double-click the URU BabelBot icon on your desktop...or find it in your Start Menu. Your language should be detected automatically...if not, BabelBot will prompt you to choose your language.
Go to File > Connect.

Step 4: Start chatting!

Here's how it works:
  1. While you use URU BabelBot, the chat-window replaces the KI for text entry. Whatever you type in the window will be sent to the client, and whatever is said in the client is copied to BabelBot. Note that if you receive chat sent to all buddies or all neighbors, it will show up as a private message.
  2. The list of avatars on the right is not your buddy list. Instead, it's a list of avatars with whom you have communicated. Note: this list is automaticall populated with everyone who is near your avatar when you start BabelBot.
  3. When someone types something, BabelBot will try to automatically detect what language they are typing. Languages appear on the right next to the person's name. When the language is unknown, you will see ??? instead.
  4. Anything that is typed in a language other that your own language is automatically translated to your language.
  5. If you right-click on a person's name on the right-hand list, you can run language detection again, manually select the correct language, or remove them from the list.
  6. To type something in another language, use the "Translate me to" drop-down to select a language. Whatever you type will be automatically translated from your native language to the selected language.
  7. As a shortcut, you can send someone a PM by clicking on their name on the right. If that person speaks another language, their language will be automatically selected for you.
Other features:
  1. File > Change Language...: Change your primary language and update the window. URU BabelBot is localized into 14 languages...use this method to check them out!
  2. Options > Always On Top: Forces the BabelBot window to stay on-top of the URU window.
  3. Options > Window Transparency: Makes the chat window partially transparent so you can see what's going on behind. The Auto-Transparency feature will increase the transparency automatically when you click into the URU window.
  4. Options > Translate Other Languages: Let's you choose which languages get translated. Useful if you speak 2 or more languages.
  5. Options > Use Text-to-Speech: When enabled, everything said is spoken aloud using the Windows text-to-speech engine. If you want to alter the voice, do so in Windows Control Panel.
  6. Options > More Options...: Let's you change the appearance of the chat windows, set a start-chat key, change text-to-speech voices, and change the behaviour of the buddy lists.
  7. Tools > Content Explorer...: Game content! Now you can finally read that book!
  8. Tools > Quick Translator...: A pop-up translation window.
  9. Websites > [various]: Lots of links including communities dedicated to explorers in other languages. Websites can automatically be translated with Google as necessary.
  10. Help > Provide Feedback...: Submit bug reports, feature requests, etc.
  11. Help > About: See everyone who's contributed to the development of URU BabelBot.

Step 5: When you're done...

When you're done you can just close URU BabelBot. Or, to pause BabelBot, use File > Disconnect.

Documentation & Support

At this time there is no documentation...just the getting started guide above.
If you need help, contact me in-cavern (#54544) or send me a PM on the MOUL forums (OHB).