URU BabelBot In Action

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URU BabelBot is a Windows program that sits on-top of the URU client.

This is how it looks when you first start it.

It will automatically detect your language and the program will be displayed in your language.

I speak English, so I get the English version.

Go to File > Connect to start URU BabelBot.

The side opens up, but there isn't much yet. It's time to talk to people!

First, I want to change the transparency of URU BabelBot so I can see through it.

This way I won't miss any of the action! I was even able to see that message from Skype in the corner!

URU BabelBot has lots of options - you can explore them on your own.

I found a bunch of people in The Meeting Place's Bevin, so I thought I would talk to them.

URU BabelBot duplicates the functions of the KI for chatting.

Whatever happens in the URU client, happens in URU BabelBot.

Christian spoke to me in German. But, URU BabelBot automatically translated it to English for me.

You can see what he typed in the URU client. And I can see it again in URU BabelBot by hovering over the English translation.

You can also see flags appear next to the names in the Current list on the right. URU BabelBot automatically detects languages.

To reply to Christian, I need to tell BabelBot to translate me to German.

Then, whatever I type in English will be translated to German.

Simple, huh?

URU BabelBot has an integrated KI Directory.

Here I'm choosing OHBot. I can click the icon above to add him to my buddies list, or double-click to open a chat tab.

Private Messages are automatically sorted into separate tabs to help you keep track of your conversations.

OHBot is so polite!

Translation even works in Private Messages.

I typed in English, but it was translated to German before being sent to Christian.

Christian replied in German, but I see it in English.

It's easy as pie!

But there are other features too. This is the Content Explorer.

The Content Explorer has content from URU translated into all of the languages.

Here I am reading the journal about Jalak in German.

Shame I don't speak German...

The Websites menu has links to the most popular URU websites on the internet.

Many sites are grouped by language. Here I'm looking at the list of French websites.

If you click on a link for a website that isn't in your language, URU BabelBot will translate it for you.

If you ever have a problem, use the Send Feedback window to let me know.

But I also like hearing when there aren't any problems.

When you have "Send Debug Information" selected, URU BabelBot will send me information to help diagnose any problems.

If you speak more than 1 language, you can choose to run BabelBot in the language of your choice.

Just go to File > Change Language, and select the language you want.

This is what the Finnish version of URU BabelBot looks like.

I hope you enjoyed this quick look at URU BabelBot In Action! Isn't it time you tried it for yourself???


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