OHBot Interface

How to Chat with OHBot

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Wondering how to use OHBot? Here's everything you need to know:

  1. You cannot use OHBot until you "meet" him. If you haven't met him yet, go find him and say "hello".
    You can see his current location on the homepage.

  2. When chatting in public, the first or last word of what you type must be his name.
    For example: "ohbot are you a robot?" or "are you a robot ohbot?"

  3. When chatting to him in Private Message, just type normally. There's no need to include his name.

  4. Don't send OHBot KI-Mail
    He can't see them, or reply to them.

  5. Use simple sentences. Use correct spelling.
    One day he'll be able to understand long and complex sentences, just not today. Also, he can correct some spelling, but not all.

  6. Refer to his Command Reference.
    It lists all of his non-chat commands and how to use them.

  7. Don't use OHBot to annoy or disturb other explorers.
    He hangs out in the Guild of Greeters sometimes. If you're playing with OHBot in public and an explorer comes in for help, stop or move your questions for OHBot to a PM to allow the explorer to get the help they need.

  8. Help others play with OHBot when they want to!
    Not everyone knows how to use him. Feel free to show other explorers how to start a conversation, and direct them to this website for more information.